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Welcome to my parrot pages! On these pages you can find information you might want to know before you adopt your  parrot but also information you need after adopting your parrot friend. With these parrot pages, we hope to provide you the information needed to be able to adequately meet your parrot's needs and thus keeping your parrot (and yourself!) happy and healthy.

Further, lots and lots of parrot pictures can be found on this website.
Not only have I made homepages for my Senegal parrot (poicephalus Senegalus) Iago and my leadbeaters cockatoo (cacatua leadbeateri) Zazu, but I've also made parrot picture pages for parrots of my friends. Just scroll down the menu on the left and choose a page you like..
I recently started to keep up a parrot diary with photos just to give people an insight in my parrots’ and their family’s whereabouts. I will add diary entries and photos from time to time.
Last but not least, I dedicated some webspace to the pictures of website visitors' parrots, they can be found in the Parrots Around The World section of this parrot related website.

Unfortunately, we don't add photos from other parrots to our website anymore.
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Note that info on these pages has been written from my point of view. Since I am not an avian behaviorist nor an avian vet I will not accept any responsibilities for any event occurring due to following information on these pages.
There are many contradictions in the parrot world so therefore obtain different opinions and use common sense in order to decide what's right and what's wrong. If you are not sure about a topic, please consult your avian vet to make sure you're doing the right thing.

The material on this website is copyrighted.
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