This page is about two parrots a senegalparrot  ( poicephalus senegalus ) named Iago and a majormitchell cockatoo ( cacatua leadbeateri ) named Zazu.
when I was small, but since a few years started to inform myself about bigger parrots. Then came the day when I bought my own parrot. My first petparrot was Iago, a senegalparrot and I had to hand feed him for a very long time. After that I got interested in cockatoos and I bought a citroncrested cockatoo named Misty. Misty is not here anymore sadly enough. Some time after the citroncrested ( cacatua sulphurea citronellacristata ) I bought a majormitchell cockatoo and I named him Zazu. I dedicated this page to my two parrots as they bring so much joy to my life. I could hardly imagine they were capable of doing this. Unfortunately there are some mis-understandings about keeping and purchasing parrots. Also many things about taking care of parrots contradict each other. My website is not there to tell what IS RIGHT OR WRONG but what is right and wrong about keeping and buying parrots in my opinion. I hope my website is of any use to you and I hope you will like my parrot pictures as well. Aviculture would be helped if there were not sold any unweaned babies anymore..

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